Business rules

Express logic in business rules. And take advantage of these benefits:

  • Rules represent event processing strategies in a natural way
  • Create capability at market speed
  • Flexibly adapt to change - add and remove rules without breaking the system

REST Web Services

Access any REST API

You don't need to install multiple SDKs to access REST APIs. This is true for public, third-party APIs that have already been installed in Ritc, as well as your APIs, for which you have imported a Swagger file.

Create Applications

Create Applications Without Writing Code

Ritc intelligently integrates Saas and IoT resources and services via APIs, enabling new kinds of applications that can transform your business or organization.


Quick Intro

Create and Run a Rule Accessing Your API in just 3 Steps

If you have a valid swagger (version 2) file for your API, you can quickly create the Channel and Channel Functions - in the Visual Rule Editor - that can be accessed by Ritc rules.

See more detail at Developers: Quick Intro

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