Ritc is now on AWS Marketplace!

After a long wait (too long – I do apologize), I am happy to announce that Ritc is now available on Amazon Web Services Marketplace!

Click on this link to get there directly, or via search for ‘Ritc’ on aws.amazon.com/marketplace

For its debut, ‘Ritc Starter Kit 1’ can be configured using the CloudFormation template provided (click on ‘Ritc Starter Kit’ under Delivery Methods), or directly (click on ‘Single AMI’) from the AMI. Using the template is easier, and gives you a single EC2 instance (size of your choice) plus an attached RDS instance to house your Channels, Functions, and Rules. If you create the Ritc EC2 instance directly, you will need to separately create an RDS instance, and configure it once created.

A free 15 day trial is available whatever you choose. Of course you always have free use as a guest of the Sandbox on this site – your guest subscription expires after 30 days but can be renewed on request.

I hope you will try it out. I look forward to your comments and your ideas about what types of applications you would think of creating using Ritc rules.


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