REST APIs and the middle layer

One thing we stress often to our clients at Ritc is how a middle layer fits into the API & SaaS integration ecosystem. There are a variety market trends that point to why such a model is needed. Applied properly, the combination of a rule engine plus APIs will facilitate the next generation of low-friction [...]


The diverse API community

I was in NY last week for the first API Strategy & Practice Conference. It was organized by 3Scale and Kin Lane, the API Evangelist. Ritc presented on the API Automation panel, along with Mehdi Medjaoui from Webshell, and Nick Blanchard-Wright from Temboo. I already posted our slides from that conference, so I am writing this [...]


My presentation from the API Strategy Conference

The API Strategy and Practice conference was held this past week in NYC. I presented on the API automation panel. Here is my presentation, I am planning to expand on some of these ideas in future blog posts. Please send me your feedback! The conference was fantastic, and I’m looking forward to participating in more [...]


Services as a Backend

There is a lot of talk these days about “Backend as a Service”. Companies like Parse, Kinvey, StackMob, and others are growing fast, offering common functionality for mobile and other apps, which can speed up development significantly. While building Ritc we started thinking about a new model, which I call “Services as a Backend (SaaB)”. What [...]


You are not the query

Marissa Mayer gave an interview at Davos recently and spent a decent part of the interview talking about search personalization. The quote getting a lot of play on the Internet is “In the future, you become the query.” This won’t work as the future of search, and it won’t work as a pillar of product [...]