Why Choose Ritc?

You may wonder why you should choose┬áRitc. After all, there are other rule engines in the cloud. In a nutshell, “Ritc enables you to make sense out of real-time data from multiple sources”. With these benefits: accessible without SDKs from any rest api – defined via swagger files that you import enables composable (multi-level) apps […]


Introducing a More Powerful Ritc

Having gone through a port – to NodeJs – the Ritc rule engine is emerging with some powerful new features and options that make it stand out in the crowd. In addition to its flexible architecture and its ability to connect via rest to any accessible api, Ritc rules can themselves be treated as microservices […]


Welcome to our Revamped Website!

Welcome to our website, which has very recently been revamped! We hope to spark your interest in the Ritc Platform, which offers expansive rest api connectivity along with its strong rule architecture its own rest api, which facilitates integration into your environment a machine-learning capability because you can create rules on the fly deployment options […]