Import Swagger Files To Instantly Access Your APIs

Triggers and actions in Ritc rules can access any available REST API through ‘channels’ and ‘channel functions’.

Channels represent APIs. For example: Google Calendar, SmartThings are each represented by a channel. On a microcontroller, a device could be represented by a channel. Channels can be public or private. A private channel could represent an API internal to your organization.

Channel functions are provided within each channel, representing individual behaviors and functionality. Information that Ritc needs to access the API (eg. endpoint, method, etc.) is contained within the channel function definition. Ritc channel functions are data-driven Рno SDKs are used!

You can create a private channel by importing a valid Swagger file (version 2.0), making your REST API instantly available to Ritc triggers and actions.

This feature is currently in Beta(*). Some restrictions apply, such as the requirement for a Security Definition. More details will follow shortly.

Using the Visual Rule Editor.

  • Select New (Private) Channel in the Editor top menu
  • Choose your Swagger file
  • Click Import

Your API should be available within a minute, and immediately usable within a trigger and/or action.

Using the API directly

curl -X POST \
 --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
 --header "Authorization: Bearer YOUR_ORG_API_KEY:" \

As it is in Beta, please let us know if you encounter any issues.

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