Ritc Rules / Quick Intro

Create and Run a Rule Accessing Your API in just 3 Steps

If you have a valid swagger (version 2) file for your API, you can quickly create the Channel and Channel Functions - in the Visual Rule Editor - that can be accessed by Ritc rules.

Start by clicking on 'Visual Rule Editor' in the Ritc top menu and logging in as a guest user to the Ritc sandbox.

Step 1: Import the Swagger file

Select New (Private) Channel in the Editor top menu and import your valid swagger file.

Step 2: Create a rule

Create a rule using three nodes from the palette on the left. For each one,

  • drag the node on to the canvas
  • connect its input to the previous node output (for the Trigger and Action)
  • double-click it
  • name it
  • select the Channel and Channel Function
  • enter any required parameters
  • click Ok

The three nodes to use:

  • Initial Event: Utilities Channel, Push Notification Channel Function.
  • Trigger: Your Swagger Channel and choice of Channel Function. Enter required parameters.
  • Action: Email Channel, Send Email Channel Function. Enter required parameters.

Step 3: Run the rule

Click the 'Run' link at the top right. And that's all it takes! If your rule is valid, you should see results in a moment.

Note that clicking 'Run' is just a convenience - the normal modus operandi is to use the API. The 'Push Notification' Channel Function is intended to receive any parameters you may want to send, and pass them along to the Trigger and Action.