Why Choose Ritc?

You may wonder why you should choose Ritc. After all, there are other rule engines in the cloud.

In a nutshell, “Ritc enables you to make sense out of real-time data from multiple sources”.

With these benefits:

  • accessible without SDKs from any rest api – defined via swagger files that you import
  • enables composable (multi-level) apps
  • easy-to-set-up rules
  • can be designed by programmers and non-programmers
  • rules can be added and removed without crashing the application
  • real-time operation
  • scales to handle lots of data
  • can be deployed as microservices in the cloud or on microcontrollers
  • can machine-learn and adapt to changing circumstances
  • enables meaningful actions – in the context of incoming data

I hope that some of these points resonate with you, and would love your feedback on them.

Watch this space for elaboration, use cases, and suggested uses.

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